Agenda and minutes

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Apologies for Absence

To note any apologies for absence.


There were none.


Minutes from the previous meeting pdf icon PDF 86 KB

To confirm as a correct record the minutes from the previous meeting.


The minutes from the previous meeting were agreed as a correct record.


Matters Arising and not covered elsewhere on the agenda


There were none.


Secretary's Correspondence


(i) Constitution


The Secretary informed the Panel that since the previous meeting, the Constitution had since been endorsed by the Environment & Community Panel. She explained that the Forum were to provide an annual update to the Environment & Community Panel and that they could make recommendations to the Panel and vice versa.


The Secretary reminded the Panel that up to 10 non-council representatives would need to be appointed and would serve until the next Annual General Meeting.


(ii) Work Programme


The Secretary informed the Panel that she had emailed a representative from Building Control asking for more information on access requirements to public places. In response to this the representative explained that they didn't have any leaflets, however guidance could be obtained from the Planning Portal:


(iii) Alive Leisure - Toning Tables


The secretary explained that since the previous meeting she had emailed a representative from Alive Leisure asking them to provide an update to the Forum on the Toning Tables but had not yet had a response.


The Secretary agreed to chase up a response.


Update on the Town Hall


The Principal Project Officer presented a PowerPoint to the Panel giving an update on the Town Hall (Appendix A) and provided a response to the comments raised by the Forum:


·        The works were almost complete and the Town Hall was due to open on 25th March 2016.

·        They were currently in the early stages of developing an app which would explain to visitors what they are looking at within each stage of the tour.

·        In response to a question from the Chairman, the Principal Project Officer informed the Panel that there would be lower counters and disabled toilets available for users with wheelchairs.

·        Helen Sismore from Guide Dogs commented that anyone who was blind or partially sighted may not be able to see in the rooms with low lighting. In response to this the Principal Project Officer explained that the lighting would still be quite lit, however the ceiling and walls would be all black. They agreed to arrange a date to visit the site of the town hall. Helen Sismore also suggested arranging for some of her clients to test the app to see whether or not it would be suitable for the blind and partially blind. The Principal Project Officer explained that they had just interviewed 4 developers for the app and so were currently only in the early stages of the process.

·       Midway through the tour in the Resource and archive room there would be a seating area. As well as that they were planning to have the odd seat throughout the tour, however they wouldn't be fixed due to the lack of space within the building.

·       In response to a question from June Leamon, the Principal Project Officer explained that outside the disabled toilet there would be a beacon to alert people if there are any emergencies. He also explained that the staff would be trained and there would be staff around as well as CCTV to keep watch.

·       In response to a question from Councillor Bambridge, the Principal Project Officer explained that there was a generator at the Town Hall which was put in for evacuation purposes. However the old elevator was not suitable to use in an evacuation, therefore a new one had been put in place which did fit the conditions for an emergency and links to the generator. He also explained that the old staircase would be replaced with a new one which would be enclosed.


The Chairman thanked the Principal Project Officer for the update.


Adult Care Development Workers

Gemma Liczbinski from Norfolk County Council to provide an update.


Gemma Liczbinski from Norfolk County Council was invited to provide an update on adult care development workers.


She explained to the forum that Adult Development Workers worked with anyone in need of support over the age of 18. They could help find out information about opportunities in local areas and get in contact with different organisations to support people getting more involved.


Gemma informed the Panel that they did not receive any funding and did not have the ability to apply for any either. Therefore they could only point people in the right direction and help them with the first initial steps, there was no on-going support.


(i) Dementia Friendly Lunch


Gemma Liczbinski informed the panel that there were now three Pubs in West Norfolk who provided Dementia Friendly lunches. These included:

·        Chequers in Feltwell on the first Wednesday of each month, 12-2pm.

·        Chequers in Wimbotsham on the last Thursday of every month.

·        Anvil in Congham on the 2nd Wednesday of every month.


She explained to the forum that the Dementia Friendly Lunches were good because they provided an opportunity for couples living with dementia to enjoy a day out in a relaxed environment. She also informed the forum that all staff at the Pubs had received a small amount of training to help provide further support.


(ii) Coffee and Cake Enjoying Life Supportively


Gemma Liczbinski informed the forum of a new project that they had currently set up to encourage people over 18 with a mobility/ physical disability to meet up and access people who were in the same situation as them. She commented that it created social links and opportunities for the individuals.


She informed the forum that they currently had 3 meeting points and were due to launch another one on 24th February 2016. These included:


·        Downham Market: Meet on the last Monday of the month at 2 - 3:30pm, Downham Home and Garden, PE38 0AD.

·        King's Lynn: Meet on the last Tuesday of the month at 2 - 3:30pm, North Lynn Community Café, St Augustine's Centre.

·        Swaffham: Meet on the first Monday of every month at 2 - 3:30pm, Green Britain Centre, PE37 7HT.

·        Hunstanton: Meet on the last Wednesday of every month at 1:30 - 3pm, Alive Oasis Bites Café, Hunstanton Seafront. This launches on February 24th 2016.


Gemma Liczbinski explained to the Panel that all venues were checked for disabled toilets and the venue at Hunstanton also had a disabled access ramp.


Helen Sismore suggested  working together with Gemma to ensure staff at the lunches are aware of how they can help people with Guide dogs. They agreed to arrange something outside of the meeting.


In response to a question from June Leamon, Gemma explained that they do make effort to help those who are still recovering from being in hospital. She commented that someone who had a good background in health usually referred them but could also be referred through the main Norfolk County Council number.


Bus Station Works Update


The Regeneration Project Officer was not present at this meeting. It was agreed that this item would be rescheduled for the next meeting.


Councillor Bambridge requested that they took another tour of the Bus Station to view any further works. The Chairman reminded the Panel that the works for additional lighting in the Sainsbury's Car Park would not be going ahead until after the Mart in February. It was agreed that a tour would be arranged when the works had been completed.


Events - Allison Bingham


Allison Bingham reminded those present that at the previous meeting it was agreed that she presented her proposals on future events, including cost, possible venues and review the success of past events.


(i) Cost of events


Allison Bingham informed those present that the last 4 events had cost about £800 in total for each event. This included:


·        Hire of venue: £300

·        Refreshments: £21 - £300

·        Advertising: free - up to £150

·        Graphics and Printing: £50


(ii) Opportunity Awards


Allison Bingham reminded those present that the next Opportunity Awards would take place on 22nd June 2016 at 6:15pm in the Town Hall.


She explained that they had already started to advertise the event and were currently planning to send something through to all Parishes for their magazines.


In response to a question, Allison explained that she had spoken to the Communications Manager about advertising it through Twitter, and she had agreed to start just after Easter.


She explained that the Flying Chef would be providing a buffet and all invites would be distributed through the Civics Office. Those invited would include the nominator, nominees and family, the Forum, Deputy Mayor/ Mayoress and Mayor/ Mayoress. She also commented that by this point the Town Hall works would be complete and therefore the amount of people invited wouldn't be as much of an issue.


(iii) Future Events


a - Winter Warmer/ Celebrate Ability


Allison Bingham informed the Panel of the Plans for future events and venues. She explained that they had the choice of planning a Winter Warmer event or they could wait until Spring and organise a celebrate Ability event. Last year the Winter Warmer event was held at Downham Market on Market day to attract more people. This year as well as Downham, she had also looked at other venues including Reffley Community Centre, Fairstead Community Centre and the William Burt Centre in West Winch. In response to a question she informed the forum that she had looked at two venues in Hunstanton but one was not big enough and the other was too far away. However she was going to also look into venues in Heacham and Ringstead. Councillor Fraser suggested the Village Hall at Thornham which she agreed to look into.


b - Mobility Scooter Event


Allison then informed the Panel that someone had asked if they were interested in running another Mobility Scooter Training Session. Helen Sismore from Guide dogs commented that she would be interested in providing a presence at this event to make users aware of the damages scooters could cause to Guide dogs. Allison Bingham explained to the forum that Mobility Scooter users didn't need to pay insurance or pass a test so this event was a good opportunity for users to learn how to drive them properly and become aware of their surroundings and the damages they could cause. She explained that previously obstacle courses had been set up for them to test out. As it was run by King's Lynn Mobility,  ...  view the full minutes text for item 8.


Constitution pdf icon PDF 62 KB

The revised Constitution (attached) has now been endorsed by the Environment and Commuity Panel. 


The Chairman reminded the forum that the revised Constitution had now been endorsed by the Environment and Community Panel. He explained that this would now allow them to make recommendations to the Panel and vice versa. 


Work Programme pdf icon PDF 50 KB

To consider the attached Work Programme.


(i) Customer Information Centre


She informed those present of the changes to the Customer Information Centre from 4th April 2016. Allison explained that the public would no longer be able to drop in and would have to make appointments if they wanted to see anyone. She commented that this would be a big change and impact a lot of people and therefore suggested inviting some CIC advisors to the next meeting to review the changes and the impact of the more vulnerable customers.


(ii) Tour of the Town Hall


Councillor Bambridge suggested having a tour of the Town Hall and holding the next Forum there. The Forum agreed that the next meeting was to take place at the Town Hall.


(iii) Update on A Boards and Parking Enforcement


Helen Sismore commented that she would like an update on the A boards and parking enforcement.


The Chairman informed the Panel that this issue was raised at a recent SNAP meeting that he attended.


Councillor Chenery of Horsbrugh suggested getting an update from an Officer on this issue.


Any other Business


(i) West Norfolk Community Transport


The Chairman invited Richard Pengelly from West Norfolk Community Transport to give an update.


Richard Pengelly informed the Panel that on the 22nd February there would be a vote within Norfolk County Council to decide whether or not they would continue to support the cost of the Community Transport. If they voted not to support it, the cost of the transport would increase so anyone with a personal budget would no longer be able to use it as it would be  too expensive and this could have an impact on Community Centres.


Councillor Chenery of Horsbrugh suggested writing to the leader of the Conservative group at Norfolk County Council, Cliff Jordan to see if they could put aside some money in the budget. Richard Pengelly agreed to provide some wording for a letter.


(ii) Forum Email database


Tess Gilder commented that there was not an email database for the forum so that they could get in contact with each other if they needed to. Allison Bingham suggested everyone should email her with their details.


(iii) External Visitor


Councillor Chenery of Horsbrugh suggested inviting Polly Norman to the next meeting of the forum which was agreed.




Date of the next Meeting

Wednesday 20th April 2016 at 2.30pm in the Committee Suite, King’s Court, Chapel Street, King’s Lynn, PE30 1EX.


The next meeting of the West Norfolk Disability Forum was scheduled to take place on Wednesday 20th April 2016 at 1:30pm starting with a tour of the Town Hall, followed by a meeting in the Town Hall.