Agenda and minutes

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Prayers were led by the Rev Canon Ling, and the Late County Councillor Cliff Jordon was remembered in the Prayers.



To confirm as a correct record the Minutes of the Meetings of the Council held on 12 April and 10 May 2018 (previously circulated).



RESOLVED:   The Minutes of the Meetings of the Council held on 12 April and 10 May 2018 were approved as a correct record and signed by the Mayor.



Please indicate if there are any interests which should be declared.  A declaration of an interest should indicate the nature of the interest (if not already declared on the Register of Interests) and the agenda item to which it relates.  If a disclosable pecuniary interest is declared, the member should withdraw from the room whilst the matter is discussed.







To receive Mayor’s communications and announcements.



The Mayor reported that he had sent congratulations to HRH Prince Harry and Ms Megan Markle on their marriage, and birthday wishes to HRH the Queen and HRH Prince Philip on the occasion of their birthdays.



To receive any items of business which in the opinion of the Mayor are urgent. 






To receive petitions and public questions in accordance with Standing Order 9.





To note the final recommendations of the Local Government Boundary Commission review of the Borough which will be placed before Parliament for approval and to come into effect for the May 2019 Borough elections.


The Council was presented with the final recommendations of the Local Government Boundary Commission on the Borough’s Boundaries which had been placed before Parliament for approval to come into effect for the May 2019 Borough elections. 


Councillor Long expressed frustration and unhappiness with the provision of multi member wards in the final proposals when the brief had been to reduce the number of multi member wards.  He also expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that some individual comments had been taken into account over and above those supported by the full Council.


Councillor J Collop supported the stance taken by the Leader, in particular the situation regarding single member wards.


RESOLVED:   That the final  recommendations of the Local Government Boundary Commission on the Borough’s Boundaries having been placed before Parliament.



In accordance with Standing Order 11.1 to receive reports from Cabinet Members in the following order and under Standing Order 11.2 (a) Members of the Council may ask questions of the Cabinet Member on their reports and Portfolio areas:


(Councillors are reminded that this is a question and answer session not a debate.)




Corporate Projects and Assets - Councillor A Beales pdf icon PDF 57 KB


Councillor Beales presented his report.  He responded to questions on the changes in the lease for the King’s Lynn Football Club which was ongoing but aimed to improve the situation with the car park for the Walks and amend their lease.   In response to the suggestion of naming a road after Alderman Jackson after the school bearing his name had been demolished, as the roads in the development had already been named it was suggested that the orchard area could be named in his honour.


On request, Councillor Beales gave an update on his activities in the previous month including spending the day in London to see potential investors in the Waterfront scheme where there had been interest shown, he agreed to update members in the future when any information was available.


Development - Councillor R Blunt pdf icon PDF 249 KB


Councillor Blunt presented his report.  In response to a question regarding the enforcement of planning conditions on the site in Heacham, Councillor Blunt confirmed that the conditions were being monitored and would be enforced if necessary.  The landscaping work would be completed at the end of the build.



Housing and Community - Councillor A Lawrence pdf icon PDF 69 KB


Councillor Lawrence presented his report.  In response to a question on the change in requirements for fixed odds terminals, Councillor Lawrence confirmed he was happy with the change which would help prevent people getting into gambling debt.


Following a question, Councillor Lawrence gave an update on the visit to the housing developments in the town by the Housing Minister Dominic Raab who also presented house keys to a young couple who had purchased on of the homes.  The Minister had reported that he was impressed with the operation and would take the information back to Westminster.  A decision was now awaited on the outcome of the funding application for the West Winch Road.


As a response to a question on the change in law relating to the registration of Houses in Multiple Occupation Councillor Lawrence confirmed that the fees to be set for the registration would mean that the additional registrations would be cost neutral to the Council as they would have to cover the workload involved by officers.




Environment - Councillor I Devereux pdf icon PDF 68 KB


Councillor Devereux presented his report. He updated his report by correcting the second prize winner in his report which should be Dersingham Community Centre.


Councillor Devereux gave an update on a Parliamentary debate on coastal erosion and flooding for which a brief had been provided to Sir Henry Bellingham MP who made the following interventions : extolled the success of the business led Community Interest Company  funding a lot of beach repairs,  projected the need for additional ring fenced funding, with possible local precepts and better partnership funding to meet increased demand for finance compounded by the disappearing Revenue Support Grant.  The debate delivered cross party support and raised the funding profile with Government departments.  The Prime Minister had also been asked a question regarding the funding of flood defence which had received a positive response.


In response to a question on the marketing of brown bins and whether there should be campaign for such, Councillor Devereux confirmed that he would continue to promote and market the service.


Councillor Devereux agreed to ascertain whether households with black bag collections were required to pay for their bags.  He also explained that the suggestion for a communal place to leave black sacks had resulted in an increase in fly tipping in the area in the past.


In response to a question regarding the Green Points scheme, Councillor Devereux confirmed it had ceased to exist, and undertook to look into the continued emails being received.


Following a question on the level of fly tipping in the Borough Councillor Devereux drew attention to the recent EDP article and explained that he would be asking the Norfolk Waste Partnership to review progress and the evidence found.  In response to a question on the breakdown of costs of collecting fly tipping from Borough/public land and Freebridge property and domestic and commercial, Councillor Devereux undertook to look into the information.



Facilities and IT - Councillor Mrs K Mellish pdf icon PDF 79 KB


Councillor Mrs Mellish was not present at the meeting, Members were invited to send any questions via email.


Performance - Councillor P Hodson pdf icon PDF 53 KB


Councillor Hodson presented his report and in response to questions regarding the footfall in the High Street since the new shop had opened explained that the cameras counting footfall were in the Vancouver Centre, but were being looked into for the High Street end of town.  Following a comment about the leaves in the town centre that day, Councillor Hodson explained that when the wind ceased they could be cleared by not while the strong wind was still blowing.


In response to a comment on the Hunstanton Sea Front proposals and whether any funding would be forthcoming for Heacham in the near future it was confirmed that there wasn’t anything proposed at the present time.   


Deputy Leader and Culture, Heritage and Health - Councillor Mrs E Nockolds pdf icon PDF 63 KB


Councillor Mrs Nockolds presented her report.  In response to a question regarding the grass cutting in some areas she acknowledged that the grass was long, but explained that the Council had been unable to recruit the seasonal staff this year leaving the service short staffed for the time of year. Every effort was being made to improve the situation.


Councillor Mrs Nockolds agreed to find out the sum above that paid for which was spent on cutting the Norfolk County Council grass and being passed to Special expenses.


Following a question on the Community Lottery Councillor Mrs Nockolds explained that the promoters received 4% income, 1500 tickets were sold per week, the draw was weekly and the majority of purchases opted for the West Norfolk Wins pot.


Councillor Mrs Nockolds explained she had attended the Ely North Junction Rail summit on behalf of the Leader.  She considered that all the organisations present were working well together to bring it to fruition.


Leader and Resources - Councillor B Long pdf icon PDF 58 KB


Councillor Long presented his report.  There were no questions.



In accordance with Standing Order 11.2 (b), Members of the Council may ask any questions of the Chairman of any Council Body (except the Cabinet).





(Members are reminded this is a debate, not a question and answer session)

To consider the following recommendations to Council:



Cabinet: 17 April 2018 pdf icon PDF 49 KB

CAB147: Review of Key Decision Level



The recommendation from the Cabinet meeting on 17 April 2018 was proposed by Councillor Long and seconded by Councillor Nockolds.


CAB147: Review of Key Decision Level


RESOLVED:That the recommendation be approved.




Cabinet : 29 May 2018 pdf icon PDF 56 KB

CAB12: Update to the Health and Safety Policy

CAB13: Uncontested Parish Council Election Costs

CAB14: Reduction in Parish Council Numbers - Dersingham & Nordelph

CAB15: Hillington Polling Place



The recommendations from the Cabinet meeting on 29 May 2018 were proposed by Councillor Long and seconded by Councillor Nockolds.


CAB12: Update to the Health and Safety Policy

CAB13: Uncontested Parish Council Election Costs

CAB14: Reduction in Parish Council Numbers - Dersingham & Nordelph

CAB15: Hillington Polling Place


RESOLVED:   That the recommendations be approved.



Additional documents:


Council was invited to appoint representatives to Outside Bodies as set out in the report.


The Scrutiny nominations and the nominations from the Conservative Group which were available in advance had been distributed. These were moved by Councillor Long including the change to the list of Emmerich Twinning Club from Councillor T Smith to M Taylor and Downham Market SNAP – change from Councillor D Pope to J Westrop.  Any other nominations were invited.


Councillor J Collop proposed the following by way of amendment:


Gaywood Fuel Allotment Trust – Councillors S Collop and G Howman

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Governors – Councillor G Howman

Hunstanton Sailing Club – Councillor J Collop

Freebridge Community Housing Board – Councillor G Howman


On being put to the vote each of the nominations moved by amendment were lost.


RESOLVED:   1) That the representatives be appointed to serve on the outside bodies and partnerships listed in the Parish level and General categories as shown at Appendix.


2)  That the appointment of representatives nominated by the Environment and Community Panel and Corporate Performance Panel to serve on outside bodies and partnerships which fall within the Scrutiny and Regulatory categories as shown in part 4.1 of the report and Council nominates members to serve on the scrutiny outside bodies if no nominations were made by the Panels.


3)  That the reporting arrangements be noted, as shown in section 3 of the report.


4)  That the Hunstanton Green Joint Management Committee be disbanded.