Executive post

Cabinet Member for Finance


·     All Policies and Strategies Relating to the Council’s Finances

·     Treasury Management

·     Internal Audit and Fraud

·     Procurement, Shared Services, Partnerships and any other Joint Working Arrangements

·     Risk Management and Associated Matters

·     Major Projects – monitoring and financial implications

·     Fees & Charges

·     Business Continuity

·     The Statement of Accounts

·     Financial Management of Assets

·     Revision of Financial Orders and Standing Order Relating to Contracts

·     Financial Monitoring

·     Policies relating to financial support and grants

·     Pay and Pensions – financial implications

·     Policies relating to the Use of Funds and Balances

·     Independent Remuneration Panel – financial liaison

·     Policies relating to efficiencies, savings and income generation

·     Liaison with External Audit

·     Any other Financial Implications


Post is held by