Issue - decisions


RESOLVED:1)       That the Council formally accepts the total sum of £9,814,567(minimum amount offered could be subject to change) offered to the Council by Homes England under the Accelerated Construction Programme.


2)       That delegated authority be granted to the Chief Executive in consultation with the Housing and Community Portfolio Holder and the Corporate Projects & Assets Portfolio Holder to agree the following:

  1. The Authority to negotiate and agree the final terms of contract with Homes England under which the grant will be accepted.
  2. Authority to negotiate and agree with the College of West Anglia(COWA) a development option/ agreement to deliver the COWA site in conjunction with the adjacent Council owned site.
  3. Spend of the Accelerated Construction Programme grant in accordance with the terms of the contract with Homes England.
  4. The Authority to the Legal Services Manager to agree and complete any necessary and relevant legal documentation.


Reason for Decision

The recommendations will ensure that the opportunity presented by the Accelerated Construction Programme to accelerate housing delivery in the Borough will be fully realised and will ensure that the Council will be able to bring forward sites on land owned by the Council at a pace that would ordinarily not have been achievable.