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Mr Full presented the case on behalf of the ‘other persons’.  He provided background of the charity, which had not been in control of the premises since 2016.  He explained that the licence had wrongly been in the name of Heacham Club since 2016, but in September 2023 this discrepancy had been identified and the licence had been transferred back to the Charity as they needed to regain control as they felt that the law was being disregarded.


Mr Full stated that the objection was based on Heacham Club running the premises since 2016 and he had no confidence that they would improve how the club had been run in the future.


Mr Full stated that in May the Trustees had been made aware that the Licensing Act had not been complied with and the club was selling alcohol with no Designated Premises Supervisor in place.


The Trustees were also objecting to the application on the basis that they had a responsibility to the club and the Charities Commission.  Mr Full stated that the club had no status in the 1921 Trust or Management Committee.  He referred to the Applicant’s claim of a healthy bank balance but explained that they had not filed their accounts with Companies House for some time and had requested an extension.  He also stated that the applicant had never paid any Corporation Tax.


Mr Full explained that the Trustees had seen events take place with free alcohol which encouraged binge drinking and felt that the Club ignored the law and the rules.


With regard to the prevention of Crime and Disorder, Mr Full stated that the police had been called to the premises on several occasions and there had been other incidents where the police had not been called.


Mr Full stated that no Risk Assessments had been carried out by the Club and this could result in injury to the public and lack of control, failings by the club had also resulted in an incident with a lone worker accident.


Mr Full referred to the event at the club which permitted free drinks and resulted in one customer having to be carried home.


In relation to the protection of children from harm, Mr Full stated that there had been illegal sales made in the pavilion.  He also referred to FA rules and a complaint which had been made by the previous Designated Premises Supervisor relating to underage sales, adults buying drinks for minors and minors purchasing drinks from the bar for their parents.


Mr Full refuted comments made by the Applicant in that the club was not doing well prior to 2016.  He commented that there was insufficient management prior to 2016.


Mr Full stated that the Trustees had no confidence that the Club would be compliant and stated that the Club felt that the rules did not apply to them.


Mr Full explained that the Trustees would not be renewing the Clubs tenancy and they would have to vacate the premises in the near future.


In response to a question from the Licensing Officer, Mr Full confirmed he had been a Trustee since March 2023.


The Licensing Officer asked why, if the Trustees had been unhappy with how Heacham Club had been run since 2016, they hadn’t reported issues.  Mr Full stated that the trustees had trusted that the club was being run correctly.


Councillor Rust raised concerns with the underage sales and illegal sales and asked why these had not been reported by the Trustees.  Mr Full stated he had reported issues to the Licensing Officer when the licence was reverted back to the Trustees earlier in 2023.  The Licensing Officer stated that she had no reports of unlawful sales, had they been reported appropriate action could have been taken.