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The Applicant’s representative, Mr Warren Mitchell, presented the case explaining how the licence would promote the relevant licensing objectives.


In regard to public safety he stated that the club took their responsibility seriously and the shortfalls which had been picked up by the Trustees were being taken on board.  He explained that a Health and Safety Audit had been carried out and a subsequent repot received in July 2023, but since this time the Committee had been fully engaged in dealing with representations by the Trustees so they were still looking to implement the recommendations from the Health and Safety report and would address them, should the licence be granted. 


Mr Mitchell stated that CCTV was in place and complied with the necessary conditions in the operating schedule.  There was also a fire box and inspection registers for the three buildings and it was recognised that these needed to be brought up do date and this work would be carried out, should the licence be granted.


Mr Mitchell explained that the employee handbook was regularly updated and contained information on rights, training, dealing with difficult customers and how to de-escalate situations.  He stated that all employees would be trained on Health & Safety and Licensing.


In regard to the protection of children from harm, Mr Mitchell explained that the previous Designated Premises Supervisor had implemented the Challenge 21 policy and the Applicant would implement the Challenge 25 policy and train staff appropriately.


Mr Mitchell stated that the Trustees had suggested that underage alcohol sales were being made and he did not agree with this and stated that there were signs to say that minors needed to be accompanied by an adult and this would be reinforced.


Relating to public nuisance and crime and disorder, Mr Mitchell commented that the staff handbook included information on dealing with difficult situations and confrontation and training on this would be increased.


The Trustees had alleged that crime cases had been reported to the Police.  Mr Mitchell stated that the applicant did not recognise that these had occurred, but recognised that situations could potentially occur and staff would be trained as appropriate.


Mr Mitchell stated that staff would not serve individuals who appeared to be intoxicated.  He stated that he did not want to see disorder in the vicinity of the premises, but acknowledged that control was limited once people left the venue.


Mr Mitchell reminded the Sub-Committee that there had been no representations from Responsible Authorities.


Mr Mitchell explained that the social club had club rules and a management committee which effectively managed the club on behalf of the limited company.  This had been set up in 2016 when Heacham Club took over and Mr Mitchell stated that since then the club had gone from strength to strength, with a healthy bank balance and the ability to support a wide variety of activities.  Mr Mitchell provided detail of the activities that took place at the club and stated that these would all be at risk if the licence was not granted.


Mr Mitchell stated that the Club accepted the wrong doings in the past, but were keen to move forward to run the club.


Mr Mitchell responded to questions from the Licensing Officer regarding the relationship of the management company to the management of the Limited Company.


The Licensing Officer asked for detail on the issues raised in the Health and Safety Report and if there were any major works required.  Mr Bailey, on behalf of the applicant, commented that he had a copy of the report available and the club was now working through actions required, however were reluctant to do so until they knew the outcome of this Hearing.  He explained that if the licence was granted, work on the actions within the report would be done as quickly as possible with outside assistance being brought in if required.


The Interested Party raised an issue in the applicant’s case in the course of questions.  The Chair advised that this was not a question to the applicant, but rather a matter that the Interested Party should cover in its presentation.  The Interested Party accepted this.


Councillor Rust asked for further information on how the club planned to implement the Health and Safety Actions going forward.  Mr Bailey, on behalf of the applicant commented that there were some minor issues, but dealing with the Trustees had kept the club busy recently.  He confirmed that external assistance to rectify issues could be brought in if needed.