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The Board received a presentation (copy attached to the Agenda) from the Assistant Director, Regeneration, Housing and Place.


The Chair thanked the Assistant Director for the presentation and invited questions and comments from the Board, a summary of which is set out below.


The Assistant Director responded to questions and comments from Councillor Parish on the Borough Council’s and CIO’s income stream.


The Chair highlighted the importance of the Governance document being approved by the CIO and the Borough Council.


The Assistant Director referred to a Cabinet report in 2022 which had delegated establishment of the CIO to officers, Portfolio Holders and the Guildhall Working Group.  The Assistant Director explained that thought would need to be given to work relating to the governance agreement going forward and discussions would be held with the Portfolio Holder/Cabinet.


The Chair added that the above proposal seemed sensible and discussion on appropriate delegation would follow.


Councillor Ring commented that it was key for fundraising to be included in the governance document.  In response, the Assistant Director explained that discussions would be held with the CIO and Trustees on objectives which reflected fund raising arrangements.


The Principal Lawyer provided clarification on the charitable objects.


The Executive Director, Place provided an overview of the roles and responsibilities of the Trustees.


In response to questions from Councillor Blunt on who would write and approve the governance agreement, the Assistant Director explained that it would be a legal agreement drafted by the Borough Council’s solicitor and the CIO would appoint their own solicitor and the mechanism for signing off the final agreement would be discussed with Cabinet.


The Chair referred to the 2022 Cabinet report and added that the delegated authority may not now be appropriate and suggested the debate should be reopened.  The Chair added that it was important for the Governance Agreement to be correct for both the Borough Council and the CIO and therefore further discussions should take place.


The Executive Director, Place advised that a report would be brought back to the MMPB setting out the decision making process, etc. at the appropriate time.


In response to a comment from Councillor Moriarty on the footprint of the site, the Assistant Director confirmed it was the entire footprint of the site and undertook to circulate a plan outlining ownerships to the Board.


Councillor Ware advised that it would be usual to agree  Heads of Terms prior to starting to draft the Governance Agreement.  The Assistant Director explained that the Council had draft Heads of Terms in place and undertook to bring a copy to the Board.


Councillor Morley highlighted the importance of the Governance Agreement and the decision making process/approval by Cabinet/Full Council and emphasised that requirement for sustainability wording to be included within the document.  Councillor Morley echoed the comments made by the Board on objectives on fund raising being agreed by the CIO and the Borough Council and added that the draft Governance Agreement should be circulated to the Board. In response to the comments made by Councillor Morley, the Assistant Director explained that the primary role of the CIO is to operate the Guildhall and to deliver what the Council wished to achieve.


The Chair summarised that a view is held by the Board that there should be engagement with the full democratic process for the Heads of Terms and the CIO Governance Agreement.


RESOLVED:  1) A report relating to the governance process around the Governance Agreement to be presented to a future meeting.  A copy of the Heads of Terms and draft Governance Agreement will be made available to the meeting.


2) The Assistant Director to circulate a site ownership plan for the entire site.


3) The Assistant Director to discuss the fund-raising objectives with the CIO/Trustees.


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