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The Panel will receive a PowerPoint presentation from the Assistant Director.


The Panel received a presentation from the Assistant Director – Central and Community Services, a copy of which is attached to the Minutes.


The Panel was invited to comment/ask questions, a summary of which is set out below.


In response to questions relating to fly tipping, the Assistant Director explained that when notification was received of fly tipping, the Clean-up Team aimed to take appropriate action within 24 to 28 hours.


Following questions on e-forms, the Assistant Director explained that forms had been drafted and agreed by relevant departments within the Council.  At any time, the customer could track progress on any issue raised, an example was viewed on the screen.


The Assistant Director informed the Panel that she had undertaken research of other Councils and it was noted that in one case the telephone enquiries were open from 10 am to 4 pm in order to try and encourage customers to use the website to access the services required.


The Panel was invited to consider how customers could be encourage to use the Borough Council’s website to access services and how those changes could be driven forward and changes implemented.


In response to further questions, the Assistant Director advised that when a customer created an account, it was possible to see all transactions created to enable the customer to keep a record.  It was noted that a customer could access their account at any time and make any necessary amendments.


Following questions relating to the closure of the area offices, the Assistant Director explained that customers could access the Council’s services via the website, by telephone or make an appointment.  It was highlighted that if a customer visited the King’s Court offices, a CIC advisor would try to resolve the query or make an appointment to see a relevant officer within a week.  Members were advised that the Council was committed to offering the best service it could and no customer would be turned away from the King’s Court offices.


The Leader commented that Borough Councillors should encourage Parish Councils and their constituents to create an account in order that they could report fly tipping, etc direct to the Council rather than through their Ward Councillor.


The Chairman, Councillor Humphrey invited the Portfolio Holder to address the Panel.  The Portfolio Holder explained that the introduction of digital services were both educational and challenging.  She advised that with the increased use of digital services allowed customers to access Council services at their convenience and also out of normal office hours in the privacy of their own home.  With regard to the closure of the area offices, comments were made in the first few weeks, but now customers were accessing services either by telephone, making an appointment or via the website.  The Panel was invited to consider whether the Borough Council’s telephone number should be published on the website.


The Portfolio Holder congratulated the Assistant Director and her team on the superb work which made the Council services easy to access and transact business with the authority.


The Leader and the Panel congratulated the Assistant Director and her team on the excellent work undertaken to date.


The Chairman thanked the Assistant Director for the update report.

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