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Information about Member Major Projects Board



Terms of Reference for Member Major Projects Board

(Approved by Cabinet 16 November 2021)


1.     Composition


The Member Major Projects Board is a sub-committee of Cabinet shall consist of 7 elected members as shown below, subject to proportionality considerations.


Board members:


·       Leader of the Council


·       Deputy Leader of the Council


·       Portfolio Holder Business


·       Portfolio Holder Finance


·       Representative(s) from other political groups[1]





The Member Major Projects Member Board shall:

·                  Appoint its own Chair and Vice-Chair

·                  Meet quarterly

·                 Be supported by officers including Management Team representative, S151 Officer, Internal Audit, Legal and lead officers for specific projects

2.       Aims and Terms of Reference


2.1     The objective of the Member Major Projects Board, subject to statutory provision, is   to:

(a)      monitor the delivery of the Council’s Major Projects, once Cabinet has approved a project and once Cabinet has identified the project as a “major project”;

(b)      operate on behalf of the Cabinet, to provide assurance that the council’s major projects programme is run in accordance with the Officer Major Projects Board[2] Terms of Reference

(c)      form an integral part of the governance of the major projects                     programme.



2.2     To achieve its aims, the Member Major Projects Board shall:

(a)      consider the agenda items and minutes produced from the previous meetings[3] of the Officer Major Projects Board and decide whether appropriate recommendations have been made by the Board and subsequently agreed by Management Team on those specific items and report to Cabinetas appropriate;

(b)      consider the exception reporting that the Officer Major Projects Board have received at its previous meetings and whether appropriate action has been identified and taken place;

(c)      consider the forward programme for the Member Major Projects Board and review where/whether enhanced oversight and monitoring should be focused and vary the Board’s forward programme accordingly;

(d)      consider post project evaluations and lessons learned (note these findings may need to feed into the relevant Panel or Committee and/or reported through to Cabinet for further consideration); 

(e)      consider risk associated with delivery of the major projects programme.

(f)      make reports and/or recommendations to Cabinet in connection with the discharge of any of their functions.









[1] To achieve appropriate proportionality

[2] An officer Board, consisting of Executive Directors and representatives from Property Services, Legal, Planning and Finance

[3] This would usually be the three previous meetings; as this Member group is due to meet quarterly.