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Information about Local Plan Task Group

Terms of Reference for Local Plan Task Group


1                 Oversee the process of preparation of the King’s Lynn & West Norfolk Local Plan Review 2016 – 2036) replacing the adopted King’s Lynn and West Norfolk Core Strategy (2011) and Site Allocations and Development Management Policies Plan 2016 reporting to Cabinet:


a)               Recommend approval of a Local Development Scheme (LDS).  Monitor its progress.  Recommend the approval of updates as necessary.

b)               Oversee initial strategy formulation/and evidence gathering processes.

c)               Oversee Sustainability Appraisal/Strategic Environmental Assessment (SA/SEA) processes.

d)               Oversee preparation of the Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) and recommend its adoption.

e)               Recommend approval of the various published stages of the Local Plan process.

f)                 Recommend approval of any pre-deposit Local Plan consultation documents.

g)               Consider comments made at public consultation stages and recommend responses and changes to draft Development Plan Documents (DPD).

h)               Recommend approval of submission versions of DPDs.

i)                 From the submission stage onwards consider all duly made objections and supporting representations and recommend responses.

j)                 Recommend the final adoption and publication of the Local Plan to full Council.

k)               Recommend approval of annual monitoring reports.

l)                 Oversee the preparation and adoption of Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD) as appropriate.


2                 Receive and consider progress reports from the Corporate LDF Officer Group.


3                 Oversee the Local Plan budget.



4                 Recommend responses to National, Norfolk County Council and neighbouring Local Planning Authorities consultations and related matters.