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Prayers were led by Rev Canon Ling



Please indicate if there are any interests which should be declared.  A declaration of an interest should indicate the nature of the interest (if not already declared on the Register of Interests) and the agenda item to which it relates.  If a disclosable pecuniary interest is declared, the member should withdraw from the room whilst the matter is discussed.







To receive Mayor’s communications and announcements.



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The Deputy Mayor reported he had received the following communication from Councillor Dark:


“Mr Deputy Mayor, at our last Full Council, when seconding a motion by the Labour Leader, I informed Councillors that a formal vote had previously occurred at CPP rejecting the recommendations/paper under consideration and at the time of the vote members present were predominantly not of the Conservative Group. Whilst all of this statement and the major narrative of it remains correct, I mistakenly believed at the time I said this that this vote was ‘unanimous’ and also stated such. Since, I have found that two members of CPP voted ‘for’ the recommendation and paper and so I am very happy to apologise to you, council and them and correct the record that I should have said ‘the overwhelming majority of councillor’s present voted against’ in this otherwise true statement rather than ‘unanimous’. Thank you.’ “





To receive any items of business which in the opinion of the Mayor are urgent. 



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The Deputy Mayor had agreed that the appointment of the Chair of Planning after the resignation of Councillor Jo Rust from the position following her appointment to Cabinet, be treated as urgent business.


Councillor Bone was nominated by Councillor Joyce, seconded by Councillor Parish.  The proposal was put to the vote and approved.


RESOLVED:   That Councillor Bone be appointed as Char of Planning Committee for the remainder of the Municipal year.


Arising from the resolution above, Council was invited to appoint to the position of Vice-Chair of the Committee.   Councillor Parish proposed Councillor Lintern to the position.  This was seconded by Councillor Squire.


Councillor Dark proposed Councillor Spikings, seconded by Councillor Blunt.


On being put to the vote, Councillor Lintern was appointed Vice Chair.


RESOLVED:   That Councillor Lintern be appointed as Vice-Chair of the Planning Committee for the remainder of the Municipal year.





In accordance with Standing Order 11, to receive reports from Cabinet Members moved en bloc, under Standing Order 11.2 Members of the Council may ask questions of Cabinet Members on their reports and Portfolio areas. The order of putting questions shall commence with a Member from the largest opposition group, proceeding in descending order to the smallest opposition group, followed by a non-aligned Member and finally a Member from the ruling group. This order shall repeat until the time for questions has elapsed or there are no more questions to be put. 


The period of time for putting questions and receiving responses shall not exceed 50 minutes for all Cabinet Members, excluding the Leader


The period of time for putting questions and receiving responses to the Leader shall not exceed 27 minutes (time from the previous 2 meetings).


(Councillors are reminded that this is a question and answer session not a debate.)


Business – Councillor A Beales

Climate Change and Biodiversity – Councillor M de Whalley

Environment and Coastal - Councillor S Squire

Finance – Councillor C Morley

Property & Corporate Services – Councillor B Anota

People and Communities – Councillor J Rust

Tourism Events and Marketing – Cllr S Ring

Deputy Leader Development and Regeneration – Councillor J Moriarty


Leader - Councillor T Parish


Additional documents:


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Council was reminded that at the previous meeting Councillor Parish had proposed the Cabinet Member’s and Leader’s reports en masse.


Councillor Anota in responding to Councillor Blunt’s question regarding a Car Parking strategy, confirmed it was a priority.


In response to Councillor Bullen’s question regarding policies relating to the West Norfolk part of the Wash coastline, Councillor Squire listed the areas of the Shoreline Management Plan and gave an update on the current work programme.  She offered to give a further update if members requested it.


Councillor Sandell asked Councillor Rust for an update on her role as the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Governor.  Councillor Rust informed members that she had tendered her resignation to it so she could continue her role as a campaigner for the hospital.


Councillor Ryves asked Councillor de Whalley his view on the Cranswick large farm planning application bearing in mind the work being done to reduce the carbon footprint.  Councillor de Whalley undertook to respond in writing.


Councillor Kunes asked when the carbon audit would be published, Councillor de Whalley confirmed it should be within the next few months.


Councillor Ratcliffe drew attention to the benefits Downham Market Heritage Centre was drawing from West Norfolk Wins Lottery.  She asked Councillor Morley how the review of it was progressing.  Councillor Morley commented that he was unaware of it previously, but was looking at it with the promoter and also to link with the Norfolk Community  Foundation who dealt with grant applications.


Councillor Joyce asked if there were any potential benefits with the relaxation of rules on on- shore windfarms.  Councillor de Whalley responded that the Council would look at potential  site selections, and he hoped Companies would look to offer incentives to those affected by them. 


Councillor de Winton asked how much Councillor Morley had been consulted on the staff pay increases and whether he had agreed with it.  Councillor Morley undertook to respond in writing.


Councillor Kemp asked Councillor Rust how the Borough could help to remedy the state of dentistry in the Borough.  Councillor Rust informed members that whilst the Council didn’t control dentistry, she had submitted a motion for the next Council meeting to try and influence the provision going forward.


In response to a question from Councillor Kunes, Councillor de Whalley confirmed that he was reviewing the Climate Change Strategy.


Councillor Lintern asked that as Freebridge were carrying out a stock survey to see which of their empty homes were viable to update, what were the Council doing to encourage empty homes to be brought back into use.  Councillor Rust confirmed that discussion had been held with Freebridge on this challenge, and help offered, but the Council would continue to work with them going forward.


Councillor Blunt asked for views on second home owners and their relationship with tourism and the local economy. Councillor Ring drew attention to the difference of second homes which were rarely visited leaving the  ...  view the full minutes text for item C:45i



In accordance with Standing Order 11.2 (b), Members of the Council may ask any questions of the Chair of any Council Body (except the Cabinet).


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The Deputy Mayor invited any questions of Chairs other than Cabinet.


Councillor Blunt asked the Planning Chair what process the Committee was going through to ensure the Committee was familiar with the changing requirements of planning.  Councillor Rust, as Chair of Planning until this point confirmed that she had discussed forthcoming  training with officers, including carbon capture reductions.


Councillor Kemp asked Councillor Collop as the Chair of Environment and Community Panel if she would join with her in thanking the Chief Executive for the work behind the scenes to set up the Purfleet Pantry.  Councillor Collop confirmed she had been to the opening the previous day where she had learnt a lot about the process, and had contacted a residents group in her ward about it and brought away forms for people to join it.