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Meeting: 26/02/2020 - CIL Governance Task Group (Item 4)

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The Task Group were presented with the draft Spending and Governance document which had been drafted based on what had previously been agreed by the Task Group.  The Task Group made the following comments:


·        An additional box to be added to the flow chart to ensure that Councillor monitoring and review of applications was included.

·        The process suggested would be reviewed after one year.

·        Where there were references to Parishes it needed to be clear that this also applied to unparished areas as well.

·        The Task Group suggested that any unspent funds could move up to the next pot if required.

·        Reference to ‘Ward Councils’ to be changed to Wards.

·        Consideration be given to the administration processes and how quickly applications would be considered and when notification of if the application was successful would be available.

·        The Task Group was provided with a mock up demonstration of the online application process, reports which could be produced and that a pdf version would also be available to print off if required.  It was suggested that applications could be linked to the Council’s mapping system.


AGREED: The Task Group approved the draft CIL Governance and Spending document, subject to the above comments being incorporated as required.