Committee details

You are welcome to attend any of the Council's public committee and panel meetings. If you are planning to attend please contact us beforehand to check the meeting arrangements

Purpose of committee

Terms of Reference


Timescale and delivery expectations


The expectation is that the group will meet (initially) monthly until the Homelessness and Rough Sleeper Strategy has been agreed and the Local Plan Review is finalised. The Group will examine proposals that seek to respond to homelessness and rough sleeping locally and give feedback/ make recommendations to the Environment & Community Panel. There will be a particular focus on the Council’s role in supporting the delivery of affordable housing and other housing supply matters.   It is expected that this work will feed into the Local Panel Review, and therefore this matter should be considered before the end of the year.


The group will also monitor the council’s performance in relation to homelessness and the action plan of the Homelessness and Rough Sleeper Strategy on an ongoing basis.


Task Group Status


It was proposed by the Environment and Community Panel that the group would be established on a formal basis. In this regard the group members will undertake (with the support of officers including Democratic services) to:


·        Appoint a chair person

·        Participate in meetings

·        Prepare / agree meeting agenda items

·        Agree and publish agenda

·        Meet in public – with the exception press and public for reasons including commercial sensitivity or details appertaining to another organization

·        Complete and publish minutes of meetings held




The task group will be made up of 5 members, which is representative/ proportional to the Councils political composition. Group Leaders will nominate members to the group.


Purpose / role of the group


The purpose of the group is to examine and determine appropriate policy and practice proposals to the Council’s Environment & Community Panel.


The task group will look at the following key areas:-


·        The requirements of the National Rough Sleeper Strategy August 2018

And the suitability of Councils emerging Homelessness & Rough Sleeper Strategy.

·        The effectiveness of the Councils newly commissioned services in relation to preventing homelessness-

o   The Rough Sleeper Outreach & Inreach Service

o   The Benjamin Foundation Young Persons Tenancy Support Service

o   Housing First Service



·        The Councils policy on the use of Discretionary Housing approach in relation to homelessness prevention (in conjunction with relevant Portfolio and Directorate) and make recommendations for new approaches taking into account Government Guidance and recent advice from Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government specialist.


·        Consider and review the impacts of Universal credit on the Councils existing housing and benefit policies and make recommendations for new approaches where necessary.


·        Scrutinise and review the Councils existing approaches to the delivery of affordable housing and wider housing delivery. Make recommendations for new approaches to address identified housing delivery issues.




Meeting arrangements


Initial scoping meeting - with the purpose of agreeing a work plan. Further meetings will be arranged to discuss options, and review progress of work plan.


It is envisaged that the first meeting will be held before the end of September 2018.


Working methods


·        Involvement / contributions from other officers and specialists who might be invited to present material at a meeting. Important source of pre-meeting material is to be found at:


·        Rough Sleeper Strategy August 2018


·        National Planning Policy Framework July—2


·        Discretionary Housing Payments guidance manual March 2018


·        The homelessness monitor: England 2018(Crisis)