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In accordance with Standing Order 11, to receive reports from Cabinet Members moved en bloc, under Standing Order 11.2 Members of the Council may ask questions of Cabinet Members on their reports and Portfolio areas. The order of putting questions shall commence with a Member from the largest opposition group, proceeding in descending order to the smallest opposition group, followed by a non-aligned Member and finally a Member from the ruling group. This order shall repeat until the time for questions has elapsed or there are no more questions to be put. 


The period of time for putting questions and receiving responses shall not exceed 50 minutes for all Cabinet Members, excluding the Leader


The period of time for putting questions and receiving responses to the Leader shall not exceed 15 minutes.


(Councillors are reminded that this is a question and answer session not a debate.)


Business – Councillor A Beales

Climate Change and Biodiversity – Councillor M de Whalley (to follow)

Environment and Coastal - Councillor S Squire

Finance – Councillor C Morley

Property & Corporate Services – Councillor B Anota

People and Communities – Councillor J Rust

Tourism Events and Marketing – Cllr S Ring

Deputy Leader Development and Regeneration – Councillor J Moriarty


Leader - Councillor T Parish



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Councillor Parish proposed all Cabinet Members reports en bloc and explained there would be two updates.


Councillor Moriarty informed members that there would be an additional planning Committee on 16 November to deal with a large number of applications.


He drew attention to the Parish event held the previous day for planning training, and also the very well attended consultation event in West Winch where there were some comments that not all homes had been leafleted, however notices had been erected during the day.  He indicated he was minded to hold a further event once the West Winch access road planning application was submitted, both he and Councillor Kemp would deliver notices.


Councillor de Whalley informed members that the EV point in Hunstanton was now working.


Councillor Morley responded to a question from Councillor Dark on the funding of the Gaywood Remembrance service, to which he suggested that the King’s Lynn members could discuss special expenses in their forthcoming meeting.


Councillor Sayers asked if there was ambition to increase the level of recycling in the borough.  Councillor Squires confirmed there was.


Councillor Bullen asked for an update on the Tosca barge.  Councillor Anota confirmed the contractor was appointed and following due diligence the project should be completed later in the month or early next month.


Councillor Lawrence asked what the situation with the night shelter funding was.  Councillor Rust responded that the operating model had changed in the pandemic, the funding for it was mainly from central government.  More preventative measures were now needed to move people on to more long term independent but supported accommodation.  She referred to rough sleeper numbers that those who had complex needs which couldn’t be accommodated within the Council’s means.


Councillor Sayers asked when the next round of Household Support Fund would be available.  Councillor Rust confirmed it was already being distributed, but there was no self referral system so residents had to be referred by GPs or 3rd parties.  All the information was available on the web site.


Councillor Rust responding to Councillor Lintern who drew attention to the Beat the Bills Roadshow which showed what was available, she had written some articles on beat the bills resulting in enquiries on energy efficiency.  She welcomed any further ideas.


Councillor Dark referred to a press comment that £30,000 for the Night Shelter was being withheld, and anonymous spokesperson making press comments.  He asked who had taken the decision to put it into the press domain.  Councillor Rust commented that as Portfolio Holder and long term volunteer she backed the decision.  She again drew attention to the operating model on which there was concern.  She reminded members that the Council had to see value for model, and there was no sustainable financial model for it. 


At this point in the meeting Councillor Parish proposed the meeting continue to complete the questions, this was seconded by Councillor Moriarty.  On being put to the vote it was agreed to continue.

Councillor Colwell asked Councillor Squire about the water sampling in Hunstanton for  E Coli in the water.  Councillor Squires confirmed the result was disappointing, it was an anomaly which couldn’t be explained.  She expressed concern on the issue and was due to take the issue up with the Environment Agency at their next meeting.


Councillor Long asked if Councillor Squire agreed that rather than the Environment Agency engaging with those property owners who had moved the shingle ridge at Heacham, they should fine them.  Councillor Squire agreed that enforcement should have take place earlier, the issue of fines or replacement was under review.


Councillor Collop asked that less acronyms could be used in reports.


Councillor Colwell asked Councillor Ring about the second 3G pitch being built at Lynnsport  King’s Lynn which was close to the Gaywood River, would he ask the FA what other options were available such as using a school site.  Councillor Ring responded that he would be discussing with Lynnsport alternatives to the plastic pitches.  He commented that in recent years schools had removed access to their facilities for the public or other groups so in the event it was recommended to place them on school sites the FA would need to ensure suitable access arrangements.


Councillor Kemp asked Councillor Anota about a condition survey from the County Council on the Carnegie Library. Councillor Anota undertook to give a response in writing.


Councillor Long asked what the occupancy level of the KLIC and any arrears for the building.  Councillor Anota informed members there was a waiting list to go into KLIC, all arrears were on payment plans, undertook to give a more detailed written answer.


Councillor Sandell Asked Councillor Moriarty what the financial situation for the GIRAMS was and how the money was being spent.  Councillor Moriarty informed members that there was now a countywide group chaired by Councillor de Walley which was trying to agree to a precise way of spending the £130,000 where the borough had been collecting the majority of the money in recent months and were looking to identify appropriate projects.


Councillor Ryves asked if there was any intention to restore the tenancy base to innovative businesses at the KLIC.  Councillor Anota commented that the building was full, and the transfer of businesses within it would be an issue.  He undertook to find out more and come back to him.


Leader’s Questions


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Councillor Dark asked what the detail of the Corporate Plan was and whether they had been costed. Councillor Parish responded that as previously informed the overarching Plan would be supported by more detailed documentation which would be costed against resources and priorities. It would be reviewed at 6 and 12 month intervals. He confirms it was on track.  He referred to a comment on a town council for King’s Lynn, he reminded members that he had said it would be looked at.


Councillor Sayers asked of the leader would partner with the constabulary to better equip and train for antisocial behaviour, Councillor Parish confirmed that the Council was accredited on the Community Safety Scheme for those matters which the police were happy to transfer to the Borough.


Councillor Lintern thanked the Leader for the meeting with Parish Chairs, and asked for an update.  Councillor Parish informed that minutes had been sent to the parish councils.  He undertook to have another meeting in six months.  He referred to discussions regarding legal support for parishes,  he had asked for the Bronze level to be set up for parishes.


Councillor Dark referred to people taking issue with things said by the Leader and asked how that would mean working well with partners.  Councillor Parish responded that he did not agree with everything everyone said and would be honest in his responses.  He made a comment that he spoke on behalf of the borough and he considered business rates were not distributed in an equitable manner.


Councillor Sayers referred to derelict drinking fountains in the area and asked if they would be re provided.  Councillor Parish explained that 3 water filling stations had been provided in the borough and some shops provided bottle filling stations.  He referred to the old style fountains which were not covid safe.



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