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To consider any schemes put forward by the Committee and to consider any impact on Special Expenses for King’s Lynn 2022 / 2023.


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The Assistant Director, Community & Partnerships introduced the report and explained that as part of their Terms of Reference, the Committee could put forward schemes to Norfolk County Council as part of the Parish Partnership Programme.  The Parish Partnership Programme allowed Parish Councils to bid for match funding (usually 50/50) for small scale highway improvement schemes and this had been extended to the unparished areas of Norfolk including King’s Lynn and West Lynn.  Any approved schemes had to be considered by Norfolk County Council by 11 December 2021.


Scheme One – put forward by Councillor Rust


Councillor Rust had put forward a scheme, as outlined in the report, which was for a 3 bay Cantilever Bus Shelter with full high-end panels and solar light on a concrete pad.  This was to replace a small standard open bus stop sign on Gayton Road, near to the Elvington turn-off very close to the hospital.  It was reported that buses did not always enter the hospital grounds, so this stop was very often used by patients, visitors and staff.


The Chair invited Councillor Rust to explain the proposal to the Committee.


It was explained that the anticipated cost of the scheme would be £8595 plus VAT.  The Parish Partnership Scheme would fund 50% of this (£4,300) with £2,000 contribution from County Councillor Colwell which left £2,300 to be met from Special Expenses.  This equated to £460 per annum for the next 5 years which was 4.3p per Band D equivalent against the estimated taxbase of 10,768.  This had also been included within the Special Expenses report which the Committee would consider next on the agenda.


The Chair then invited questions from the Committee.


Councillor Bambridge reminded Members that she had previously requested that new bus shelters should include green roofs.  It was explained that this particular shelter would not have a green roof, but this could be looked at for the future.  Later in the meeting she informed the Committee that back in June 2019 she had asked for solar lighting and security cameras for new bus shelters.  The Assistant Director agreed to take this up with the relevant officer.


The Committee then voted on the proposal which was agreed.


The Committee then made the following recommendation to Cabinet:


(1)   That the Committee supported the scheme to be paid through special expenses over a period of 5 years.


(2)   That the Chair, with the support of the Chief Finance Officer, be delegated to approve minor changes after the KLACC meeting on 11 November 2021.


Scheme two – put forward by Councillor Kemp


The Assistant Director advised that earlier today he had been contacted by Councillor Kemp regarding a proposed bus shelter in South Lynn, but at the moment was not completed, although Councillor Kemp had undertaken some work towards it. 


At the invitation of the Chair, Councillor Kemp outlined the proposals for a new bus shelter along Wisbech Road in South Lynn.  She explained that the cost of the new shelter would be £8,400 and she would be willing to contribute £2,000 from her County allowance towards it.  She added that she had carried out consultation with residents and the Police were in support of it.  She asked the Committee to support the proposal in principle with final details still to be worked up.


The Assistant Director explained that currently Norfolk County Council had not given the proposal formal approval although they had indicated that it would likely to be acceptable.  Also, the scheme had not been signed off by the appropriate Council Officer.


The Assistant Director for Resources explained that the report for Special Expenses, which was the next item on the agenda for the Committee to consider, had taken into account the new bus shelter at Elvington Road, which the Committee had just agreed to support.  In relation to that there would already be a 2.27% increase on Special Expenses, which was above the indicative 50p increase which was used as a threshold.  This was taken into account across all of the special expenses that was given out to all parish and town councils, so the fact that the figure was already in excess of that and would need to be offset against the rest of the Special Expenses charges that was made.  It did raise concerns that it had not been reflected and it would be challenging in terms of how the Council would meet that cap on the increase.  She did have concerns around the financial implications that this would bring.


The Assistant Director, Community & Partnerships advised that it was up to the Chair whether an ‘in principle’ vote was taken. If this was the case and it was agreed to be taken forward, then the information which officers already had would be passed to Cabinet and it would be up to them to decide whether the scheme could go forward. Between now and the Cabinet Meeting, further work towards the scheme could be carried out.


The Assistant Director, Community & Partnerships suggested that as this was a complicated process with a tight timescale, he would invite the relevant officer to attend the next meeting.   He suggested that a small working group could be formed to try to make the process more streamlined.


The Committee then voted on whether this scheme should be put forward as a scheme under the Parish Partnership Programme, which was agreed.


The Committee then made the following recommendation to Cabinet:


1.     That in principle the Committee supported the scheme from Councillor Kemp for a new bus shelter at Wisbech Road, South Lynn.


2.     That the finances and final details for the scheme would be worked up and provided to Cabinet if possible.


Please note:


Since the KLACC meeting new information has come to light. It appears that the Wisbech Road Bus Shelter is a smaller shelter than originally considered and in fact the total cost is now £4,350.  If the Parish Partnership application is successful, then 50% would be payable by NCC and Cllr Kemp has agreed to fund the other 50% from her NCC Member allowance. That is £2175.


There would be no impact on Special Expenses as such but Cabinet should note that BCKLWN would own the Bus Shelter and be responsible for ongoing maintenance.


Cabinet is invited to support the bid.


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