Agenda item

To consider the King’s Lynn Museum Report.


Prior to presenting the report, the Assistant Head of Museums provided an update on recent activities at the Lynn Museum.


The Assistant Head of Museums and Curator, Lynn Museum presented the report which provided information on the King’s Lynn Museum activities for the period February to May 2019.


The visitor numbers were tabled and discussed.  It was noted that the visitor figures for the period April to June 2019 had not yet been confirmed.  It was highlighted that the overall trend for the previous 3 years had demonstrated an increase, it was therefore anticipated that the figures for the coming year would equal or surpass previous years.  The Chairman, Councillor Mrs Nockolds commented that it was good to see the continual increase of visitors to the museum and thanked officers for the excellent work carried out.  The Assistant Head of Museums explained that an update on the number of visitors to all museum sites would be received.


The Assistant Head of Museums responded to questions and comments relating to:


·         Range of exhibitions at the Lynn Museums.

·         Pilgrimage badges.

·         Free admission cards for Care leavers. Number of cards delivered to Priory House.  O Bone to confirm when, how many cards were delivered and if a further supply was required.

·         Importance of culture.

·         2020 exhibition to mark bicentenary of the birth of Thomas Baines, exploring the King’s Lyn born artist brothers Thomas and Henry Baines.

·         Father of Margery Kemp being a former Mayor.  O Bone to confirm details and forward a response to the Committee.

·         Grimston Ware

·         Links with British and National Museums and loan of collections.

·         Occasional loan of collections from private organisations.

·         Discovery, location and records of footprints.

·         Iron Age Snettisham hoard.

·         Wednesday afternoon talks in March and September.

·         Variety of media to publicise the museum’s events programme.

·         Donation of a Roman armilla.

·         Comments received following publication of articles in the local press.

·         Norfolk Museums Service wide Kick the Dust Project.

·         Success of Teaching Museums traineeship over the past 7 years.

·         Norfolk Coastal Treasures website.

·         Schools Programme.

·         Partnership with King’s Lynn Festival.

·         Promotion of historic sites in King’s Lynn.

·         Autobiographical mini sculpture in the form of a shoebox.


The Chairman of the Friends presented the report circulated with the Agenda and tabled a leaflet advertising the Annual fundraising lecture on 18 September – Digging Sedgeford.  The Committee was advised that the legacy left by a longstanding member had been ring-fenced to purchase something specific, yet to be identified.  In response to a question in relation to the Junior Friends, the Chairman of the Friends explained that it was difficult to attract junior members following the introduction of the Passport Scheme which provided free admission to Museums for any child.  It was highlighted that the Friends had also been present during school visits to encourage young children to join the Junior Friends but this exercise had not been productive.


The Learning and Engagement Officer provided an overview of the activities undertaken in Stories of Lynn over the past year and responded to questions, a summary of which is set out below:


·         UK wide mental health project.

·         Work being developed with Head Teachers of primary schools.

·         Southgates film.

·         Use of empty retail units in the town centre for specific activities.  The Chairman, Councillor Mrs Nockolds explained this suggestion would be considered as part of High Street Fund awarded to the Borough Council.

·         Barbican Box project. 


County Councillor Humphrey commented on the excellent work provided by the Learning and Engagement Officer and provided examples of the summer reception workshop, creating costumes out of scrap material, etc.


Councillor Kemp thanked the trainee archivist for his assistance when researching historic maps of King’s Lynn.


The Chairman, Councillor Mrs Nockolds thanked the Assistant Head of Museums, Curator, Learning and Engagement Officer, Chairman of the Friends and the True’s Yard Museum Manager for their reports and attending the meeting.


AGREED: Christine Martin from Kick the Dust project be invited to attend the next meeting of the Committee to provide an update.


Supporting documents: