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Apologies for Absence

To receive any apologies for absence.


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Mrs S Buck, G Howman, M Taylor, T Wing-Pentelow and also Councillor Long, Leader.


Minutes of Previous Meeting

To confirm as a correct record the minutes of the previous meeting held on 24 August 2017 (to follow).


The Minutes of the Meeting held on 24 August 2017 were agreed as a correct record.


The Chairman referred to a question raised by Councillor Smith at the last meeting regarding the boundary review and whether the Parish Council was a statutory consultee on the boundary changes, and read out the following response:


Parish Councils were not a statutory consultee however the Boundary Commission facilitated a briefing to all Parish Councils on the process that would be followed.  The Borough Council also received the same briefing from the Boundary Commission, which all Councillors were invited to.   Any member of the public could also comment on the proposals.



Declarations of Interest

Please indicate if there are any interests which should be declared.  A declaration of an interest should indicate the nature of the interest (if not already declared on the Register of Interests) and the agenda item to which it relates.  If a disclosable pecuniary interest is declared, the Member should withdraw from the room whilst the matter is discussed.


These declarations apply to all Members present, whether the Member is part of the meeting, attending to speak as a local Member on an item or simply observing the meeting from the public seating area.





There were no declarations of interest.


Urgent Business

To consider any business which, by reason of special circumstances, the Chairman proposes to accept as urgent under Section 100(b)(4)(b) of the Local Government Act, 1972.




There was no urgent business.


Members Present Pursuant to Standing Order 34

Members wishing to speak pursuant to Standing Order 34 should inform the Chairman of their intention to do so and on what items they wish to be heard before the meeting commences.  Any Member attending the meeting under Standing Order 34 will only be permitted to speak on those items which have been previously notified to the Chairman.




There were no Members present pursuant to Standing Order 34.


Chairman's Correspondence (if any)


There was no Chairman’s correspondence to report.


Policing in King's Lynn

Inspector Hornigold will provide the Committee with an update on Policing in King’s Lynn.


The Chairman introduced Inspector Wes Hornigold and Sergeant Tom Metcalfe to the meeting. 


Inspector Hornigold provided the Committee with the last 6 months recorded crimes, which had been broken down into the neighbourhood areas.


Information was also provided on the street drinking and anti-social behaviour in the town centre, and the work undertaken to prevent this.  It was reported that as many stakeholders as possible within the town centre had been engaged.


Inspector Hornigold also explained that 48 shops were now signed up to the retail loss group, which helped to prevent shoplifting and had reduced the number of calls for the Police to attend.


The Committee was also informed of the work which had been undertaken, with help from key stakeholders, in relation to Project Gravity, which had resulted in 7 people being charged and imprisoned.


Other issues over the summer months included:


·        Speeding along Vancouver Avenue;

·        HVG’s along Loke Road.


In relation to speeding along Vancouver Avenue, it was explained that this was an on-going piece of work and he had met with the Speed Watch Co-Ordinator. 


Inspector Hornigold hoped that the Committee were receiving the monthly newsletters.


Work had been carried out with the Year 6 pupils in schools in King’s Lynn with regards to cycling in the town centre.  The children produced posters and a presentation evening was held with the winner receiving a new bicycle.


Inspector Hornigold added that it had been a challenging few months with staff being lost to assist in other areas with major incidents.  However, overall the results had been good over the last 6 months with the crime figures lower than they had been. 


Sergeant Metcalfe then outlined the Anti-social behaviour numbers.  He explained that the 941 anti-social behaviour calls in King’s Lynn were split into three areas:


·        Environmental

·        Nuisance

·        Personal


The Committee was informed that the greater number of calls was in the nuisance area.  The types of anti-social behaviour were broken down into the following:


·        Alcohol related calls

·        Youth

·        Fighting

·        Rough sleepers

·        Drug related


The highest number related to alcohol and youth incidents.


Sergeant Metcalfe also outlined to the Committee the measures that were available from written warnings through to Community Protection Orders and Acceptable Behaviour Contracts.  It was explained that two Criminal Behaviour Orders had been issued and both received prison sentences for breaching the Orders.


The Chairman then invited questions from the Committee, some of which are summarised below:


In response to a question from Councillor Mrs Wilkinson regarding the Vancouver Speed Watch, Inspector Hornigold acknowledged that there had been some issues in setting up the Community Speedwatch Group, but these had now been resolved.


Inspector Hornigold also explained that the crime data was broken down into Neighbourhoods but the system which was used would not break the figures down in to housing estates.


In relation to HVG’s using Loke Road, it was explained that signage at Loke Road was clear and it was very much being considered.


Inspector Hornigold advised that the vacancy to fill  ...  view the full minutes text for item 7.


Public Toilets pdf icon PDF 31 KB

To receive an update on Public Toilets in King’s Lynn.


The Public Open Space Manager introduced John Hussey, Operations Manager who ran the day to day operation of public toilets.


The Public Open Space Manager explained that a report on Public Toilets within the Borough was considered by the E&C Panel in August 2016.  An Informal Working Group was set up, tasked to review the provision of public toilets in the Borough.  It was reported that two formal complaints had been received.


It was proposed to:


·        Reopen Ferry Street toilets 7 days a week;

·        Complete closure of the Gaywood toilets and sell or demolish;

·        Include both sets of toilets in The Walks (Broadwalk and Management Building) into King’s Lynn Special Expenses.


The Vice-Chairman expressed concern that the Informal Working Group had not met since the 8th November 2016 and had not met to consider the recommendations put forward.


It was advised that the Committee could make a recommendation to the Environment & Community Panel for consideration when they considered the item at their meeting on 10 October 2017.


Reference was made to the recommendation to close Gaywood toilets and it was asked whether the savings of £9,000 could go into Special Expenses to pay for the re-opening of the Walks toilets.


It was asked whether consultation had taken place with the Library Service over the use of their toilets whilst the Gaywood toilets were closed, as it was understood that the staff were not happy.  The Public Open Space Manager explained that there had been no formal complaint raised by Norfolk County Council, however if staff wanted to give formal feedback then this could be included in the proposals to the E & C Panel.


In response to a comment, the Public Open Space Manager explained that the Management Toilets were at the play area and part of the management building.  He further explained that there had been bands playing in the Walks every Sunday, which had been heavily attended and bookings were already being taken for next year.  The events were being split between the two venues – the Town Centre and The Walks.  The Public Open Space Manager also outlined other events which had taken place in the Walks over the year.


Councillor J Collop made reference to the recommendation to close toilets in Downham Market, Heacham and Old Hunstanton and to the fact that these parishes had the opportunity to take over the toilets, whereas the residents of King’s Lynn had no say in how Special Expenses was spent.  He did not agree with the proposed closure of the toilets at Gaywood.


Councillor Smith made reference to Gaywood toilets and the current position of them and suggested that if they were demolished, they could be rebuilt with something better and in a more suitable location.  He asked what the cost would be to demolish and then rebuild them.  The Public Open Space Manager advised that the costs would be in the region of £50,000.


Councillor McGuinness made reference to the Parkour which had been provided  ...  view the full minutes text for item 8.


Street Cleaning

The Public Open Space Manager will give a presentation to the Committee on Street Cleaning in King’s Lynn.


The Public Open Space informed the Committee that under the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) 1990 and the Code of Practice on Litter and Refuse, the Borough Council are obliged to maintain a level of cleanliness across all public areas within the Borough.


An example of that was that all ‘A’ zones (town centres, shopping centres) were required to be litter picked and/or swept by 10.00 hours each day.


The outer ‘A’ zone which the Council voluntarily extended some 5 years ago to include the main routes into the town centre were cleared by 11.00 hours.


It was explained that street cleansing covered a wide range of services, duties and responsibilities, which included:  litter picking, litter bins and dog waste bins, street sweeping (urban and rural), fly tipping, graffiti and gum removal.


The Public Open Space Manager advised that the Council did not clear fly tipping from private land.


In response to a query regarding whether the Council published a schedule of sweeping, the Public Open Space Manager explained that the Council used to publish this, but the schedule often changed.  It was advised that you could request for a street to be cleaned on the Council’s website, and a schedule could be sent.


Councillor Mrs Wilkinson referred to fly tipping on Freebridge land, and asked how it was reported.  The Public Open Space Manager advised that team leaders were expected to report any fly tipping to Freebridge if it was on their land.  However he did not know what their standards were for removing any fly tipping.


Both Councillors Bambridge and the Chairman thanked the Clean-Up Team for an excellent service.


Councillor Joyce agreed that the Clean-Up Team was very good.  He stated that he had raised an issue in relation to street cleaning in that the Team were expected to pick litter on public land.  However their task was made more difficult because of growth on pavements.  He asked that as some of the team was trained in the usage of chemicals used in weed control why they were not asked to control weeds on the highway (usually pavements), and make the litter pickers job a bit easier. 


Councillor Joyce added that he did understand that weed control was the responsibility of Norfolk County Council, but they were not taking those responsibilities seriously.  Rather than pay someone on a quad bike to spray the growth once a year and he had been informed that he was told not to leave the quad bike for any reason which would explain why the work was often patchy at best, NCC could be asked to employ the Council’s team to carry out the same work. 


Councillor Joyce further added that the problem persisted mainly in estates, because usually the mechanical brush clears the weeds before they became a major problem on the roads where cars were not parked, but it was unable to do anything where cars were parked.  If there was a need for extra costings to improve the performance then  ...  view the full minutes text for item 9.


Parish Partnership Scheme pdf icon PDF 52 KB

The Assistant Director will provide the Committee with an update on the Parish Partnership Scheme.


The Assistant Director explained that no schemes had come forward at present.  He reminded the Committee of the process and the deadlines for the submission of schemes.


The Chairman then invited County Councillor Kemp to address the Committee.  County Councillor Kemp informed the Committee of her support to provide SAM signs along Vancouver Avenue, King’s Lynn.  She referred to the problems of speeding in that area and considered that the SAM signs would help to alleviate this.


Councillor Smith suggested a sign at Tennyson Avenue/Tennyson Road and that the possibility of a traffic island by the level crossing at the Walks should be investigated.


Councillor Miss Bambridge added that she considered that there was enough information available to put forward a business case.


The Assistant Director reminded the Committee that Norfolk County Council required detailed information to be submitted as part of the scheme.  He informed the Committee that there had been an initial proposal put forward to Paul Donnachie at Norfolk County Council for a SAM along King Street, however the Local Highway Authority were not minded to support that.


The Committee then discussed the possible options for the SAM signs to be located along Tennyson Avenue/Vancouver Avenue and it was advised that these discussions needed to be held with Norfolk County Council as soon as possible.


Councillor McGuinness thanked Councillor Kemp for getting the Parish Partnership Scheme extended to the unparished areas and he was very supportive of a SAM sign.  He suggested that the Parish Partnership Scheme be added to the Committee’s Work Programme earlier so that the whole of King’s Lynn could be considered.


Councillor Joyce suggested that four signs should be included in the scheme and the Police and NCC Highways could determine where they should be sited.


Councillor Smith agreed with the suggestion by Councillor McGuinness that the item should be on the Work Programme earlier and added that a map of King’s Lynn could be provided so any problem areas could be identified.


Councillor Mrs Wilkinson added that where any signs were to be located, residents needed to be in agreement to prevent any future issues.


AGREED:        That, the Committee supported in principle a scheme for SAM signs to be located along the Walks area (exact locations to be determined), and a detailed scheme to be presented to the next meeting on 19 October 2017.


Committee's Work Programme pdf icon PDF 154 KB

The Committee is asked to consider items for a future Work Programme for 2017/18.


The Committee noted the Work Programme.


It was agreed that the Parish Partnership item be moved forward to March 2018.


The Chairman advised the Committee that he had asked for an item on the Rail Service to be included on the work programme.


Councillor Joyce suggested that a representative from the Environment Agency be invited to attend a future meeting.


Date of Next Meeting

A Special Expenses Meeting will be held on Thursday 19 October 2017 at 6pm at the Town Hall, Saturday Market Place, King’s Lynn.


The next meeting would be held on Thursday, 19 October 2017 at 6pm in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, King’s Lynn.