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Venue: Town Hall, Saturday Market Place, King's Lynn

Contact: Sam Winter, Democratic Services Manager 616327 

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Prayers were led by Fr Robert Fayers



To confirm as a correct record the Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 19 October 2023  (previously circulated).



RESOLVED:              The Minutes of the meeting held on 19 October 2023 were approved as a correct record and signed by the Deputy Mayor.



Please indicate if there are any interests which should be declared.  A declaration of an interest should indicate the nature of the interest (if not already declared on the Register of Interests) and the agenda item to which it relates.  If a disclosable pecuniary interest is declared, the member should withdraw from the room whilst the matter is discussed.




The following Councillors declared a non pecuniary interest as County Councillors in CAB55 Norfolk County Deal: 


Councillors Colwell, Dark, Kemp, Kirk, Long and Moriarty.


The Monitoring Officer had indicated that the members could vote on the matter.



To receive Mayor’s communications and announcements.






To receive any items of business which in the opinion of the Mayor are urgent. 






To receive petitions and public questions in accordance with Standing Order 9.






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Councillor Joyce nominated Councillor D Henegan to the King’s Lynn Internal Drainage Board, seconded by  Councillor Jones.


RESOLVED:   That Councillor D Heneghan be nominated to the King’s Lynn Internal Drainage Board.



(Members are reminded this is a debate, not a question and answer session)

To consider the following recommendations to Council:



Cabinet: 31 October 2023 pdf icon PDF 114 KB

CAB52:           Corporate Strategy 2023-27

CAB55:           Norfolk County Deal Response


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Councillor Parish proposed and Councillor Moriarty seconded both recommendations from the Cabinet meeting on 31 October 2023.


Councillor Dark indicated that he would not be supporting the recommendation for CAB52: Corporate Strategy 2023-27 on the grounds of content deliverability, no manifesto to base it on  and the fact the Independent Partnership was no longer the largest Group on the Council .  He implied that no consultation with members had taken place on the document.  He criticised the proposal for the Town Council for Kings Lynn.  Further comments were also made criticising the Strategy


In response, a number of Members of the Independent Partnership and Labour Group indicated support of the Draft Strategy having been fully involved in the process, the meeting of the Joint Panels where the document was considered was also drawn attention to.  In response to a point raised about the need for a Car Parking Strategy it was acknowledged that this would be developed in due course.  Attention was drawn to the fact the Leader and Deputy Leader’s door were always open for discussion to take place. 


In summing up the Leader explained that documents would be brought in due course to populate the headlines set out in the plan.  He also confirmed that the King’s Lynn Area Committee was to hold a special meeting in January 2024 to consider the point set out in the document.


On being put to the vote the recommendation was agreed.


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In proposing CAB55:  Norfolk County Deal Response, the Leader informed Council that he had been informed that the County Council would issue a final response to the County Deal with its Cabinet agenda being dispatched the following day. 


Councillor Joyce commented that the Council needed to be in the negotiating room  so supported the recommendations. Councillor Dark supported the recommendations but drew attention to a letter sent by district Leaders which considered not helpful.

Members supported the recommendations urging members to get behind accessing the best deal for west Norfolk.


On being put to the vote the recommendation was agreed unanimously.


RESOLVED:   That the recommendations from the Cabinet meeting on 31 October 2023 be agreed.




In accordance with Standing Order 11, to receive reports from Cabinet Members moved en bloc, under Standing Order 11.2 Members of the Council may ask questions of Cabinet Members on their reports and Portfolio areas. The order of putting questions shall commence with a Member from the largest opposition group, proceeding in descending order to the smallest opposition group, followed by a non-aligned Member and finally a Member from the ruling group. This order shall repeat until the time for questions has elapsed or there are no more questions to be put. 


The period of time for putting questions and receiving responses shall not exceed 50 minutes for all Cabinet Members, excluding the Leader


The period of time for putting questions and receiving responses to the Leader shall not exceed 15 minutes.


(Councillors are reminded that this is a question and answer session not a debate.)


Business – Councillor A Beales

Climate Change and Biodiversity – Councillor M de Whalley

Environment and Coastal - Councillor S Squire

Finance – Councillor C Morley

Property & Corporate Services – Councillor B Anota

People and Communities – Councillor J Rust

Tourism Events and Marketing – Cllr S Ring

Deputy Leader Development and Regeneration – Councillor J Moriarty


Leader - Councillor T Parish


Additional documents:


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Councillor Parish proposed all Cabinet Members reports en bloc and explained there were some updates.


Councillor Rust gave an update on the meetings she had attended, the Open Road Meeting was due to take place on 12 December.

Councillor Squire explained it was Flood Action Week and encouraged Members to get involved.


Councillor Ring corrected the 600 years comment regarding Shakespeare in his report to 400 years.


Councillor Moriarty’s report didn’t contain his portfolio name etc.


Councillor Lawrence asked whether the comments and views expressed by Councillor Rust on the hospital replacement were known by the hospital leadership.  Councillor Rust confirmed that the information she had commented on was from a public document and she would continue to endeavour to be clear.


Councillors Rust and Ring responded to a question from Councillor Collop on her being invited to any meetings on the 3G pitch. Councillor Ring confirmed that going forward the Council would consult with residents on a 3G pitch.  He informed Members that following feedback on some highways issues with the Beulah Street entrance the planning application for the 3G pitch had been withdrawn.  He confirmed meetings were taking place with Norfolk Football Association and the Football Foundation to find an alternative site. 


Councillor Sayers asked Councillor Morley if the Council disregarded injury compensation payments received by members of the armed forces when taking into account housing benefit and discretionary payments in accordance with the Armed. Forces Covenant. Councillor Morley confirmed that they were disregarded.


Councillor Bullen asked as to whether Councillor Rust had witnessed the work of the Downham Market Macular Group which he had supported with his Councillor Grant.  Councillor Rust commended the work of the Group and confirmed that the wider focus on health included social activity as well as clinical.  She also drew attention to the Downham Market Food For Thought course, and projects concentrating on men’s health, along with the Beat the Bills work being carried out by the Borough Council.


Councillor Long asked whether Councillor Rust had apologised for comments made about the County Education when referring to the Boost project.  Councillor Rust responded that she was referring to young people not being able to achieve what they wanted to achieve.


In response to a question from Councillor Jones regarding the roll out of Councillors IT equipment he confirmed that IT were chasing those Councillors who hadn’t yet responded but the roll out would begin shortly.


In response to a question from Councillor Sayers on the homeless facilities in the Borough Councillor Rust gave an overview of the types of accommodation available.


Councillor de Whalley responded to Councillor Kemp’s question on what the Council was doing to speak against the Wisbech Incinerator in that every opportunity had been taken to speak against, and a letter had been sent to the Secretary of State signed by all group leaders.

Councillor Dark asked Councillor Ring why he hadn’t attended the HAG meeting and  ...  view the full minutes text for item C:66



In accordance with Standing Order 11.2 (b), Members of the Council may ask any questions of the Chair of any Council Body (except the Cabinet).


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Councillor Nash asked Councillor Dark as Chair of the Corporate Performance Panel when he would bring a contract award forward to scrutiny.  He asked when the email would be sent to ask the item to come forward.  Councillor Dark explained there was a new taxi contract coming forward and it would be useful to take any lessons learned going forward.


Councillor Colwell asked Councillor Collop as Chair of Environment and Community Panel if it would be appropriate to write a letter to the new Environment Secretary to ask him to walk the Gaywood River alongside portfolio holders.


Councillor Kemp asked Councillor Bearshaw as Chair of Regeneration and Development how he saw the suggestion for a new rail station could go forward. Councillor Bearshaw considered that the transport hub should be put to the south of the town including a train station and bus depot with battery  chargers. 


Councillor Devulapalli asked why the last Regeneration and Development Panel meeting wasn’t available on you tube.  Councillor Bearshaw explained that the majority of the meeting was exempt but was happy to give a briefing on it.